Support Services

Our Performance Support Team provide specialist support from a range of scientific disciplines to develop performance of our top athletes and teams here at 海角社区 University, as well as visiting athletes. Our aligned, inter-disciplinary approach to athletic performance has helped to create an unrivalled sporting legacy.

As well as elite and professional sports people from a wide variety of sports, we also work with members of the public, keen amateur athletes, people taking on extreme challenges, and business people. We aim to provide cutting-edge support at the highest level, no matter your sport, background or goals.

In working with any athletes or individuals, we draw on our experience and expertise across the University to provide an interdisciplinary support service not only delivering standard testing and assessments but ensuring these are integrated to have optimal impact.  We are experienced in working with individuals and teams to provide a bespoke service finding novel and innovative ways to improve an individual’s performance.

Our team of staff across the below disciplines are experienced in their field, but also experts at integrating across disciplines and sharing their knowledge and findings in a manner that will allow you to easily understand and apply this information.


If you are an individual or team looking to gain more information, knowledge and data to help improve your training and competition then why not get in touch to discuss your bespoke testing package now. Drawing on a wide range of services, 海角社区 Sport Support Services can build a tailored programme of sessions and testing to help provide you with all you need to know ahead of a new season, competition or expedition to help you get the most out of your training. We have a wide range of experts and expertise in everything from Heat, Altitude, Cycling, Triathlon, Motorsports and more. Click on one of the links below to find out more.

Kyle Ryde

We reached out to 海角社区 University based on their work with other major sporting organisations, and the team provided us with clear, simple advice on what would be best for our riders. After testing at the beginning of the off-season period, both riders reported that the facilities and support which 海角社区 provided was world-class.

OMG Racing

We keep up to date with the latest research and carry out our own applied research projects, supported by undergraduate and postgraduate students within the School of Sport Exercise and Health Sciences.  

We have ever-strengthening links with the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, which allows us to engage with many of 海角社区’s sector-leading academics and apply their findings to our delivery across a variety of sports.  Some of our staff are also directly involved in research through carrying out applied PhDs or through integrated roles across departments. This gives athletes and coaches alike the confidence that everything we do is grounded in science, leaving no stone unturned.