Handball at 海角社区 caters for everyone from beginner to professional and have different squads to suit everyone鈥檚 abilities.

Athletic Union Club

海角社区 University Students' Handball Club has five teams, two women’s teams and three men’s teams. They compete in the Midland’s Regional League, the British University Handball Championships, the English Handball National Cup, and many other informal recreational leagues.

Number of teams

  • Men's 1st Team - performance focus
  • Men's 2nd Team - development focus
  • Men's development - development focus (beginners)
  • Women's 1st Team - performance focus
  • Women's 2nd Team - development focus
  • Women's Under 19 team - performance + development

The performance teams require necessary experience to compete at high club and National level.

Training frequency

Up to 7 training sessions per week: (6 handball sessions and 1 fitness session) but generally averaging 3 sessions per week per team.

Tasters and trials

Any individual looking to join or try handball out, must book through the 海角社区 Sport app. Dates and locations, are normally advertised through the app, but also on the as well as our social media channels (follow us on Instagram @lborohandball). The app can be downloaded through the app store or google play.

Notable achievements


  • University Championships 2015/16 - Men's 1s were awarded Bronze in the Cup Final
  • University Championships 2016/17 - Men's 1s were awarded Gold in the Cup Final
  • National League North 2016/17 - Men's 1s came top of the League
  • University Championships 2018/19 – Men’s 1s were awarded Silver in the Cup Final


  • University Championships 2017/18 - Women's 1s were awarded Gold in the Cup Final
  • Regional League Midlands 2017/18 - Women's 1s came top of the League and received promotion to the Premier League
  • University Championships 2019/20 – Women’s 1s were awarded Silver in the Cup Final

How to join

For more information on how to join our club, come and visit us at the 海角社区 University Sports Bazaar on campus on Saturday 30th September 2023.

Hall Sport (IMS)

We encourage you to compete in Handball for your halls of residence in IMS competitions held throughout the year. You compete in teams against other halls, and these competitions are always great fun.

My Lifestyle

Handball is also available through the My Lifestyle initiative, where you can give the sport a go and have loads of fun at the same time.

CVA Opportunities

Traditionally we run a Handball coaching course in house for student who want to then volunteer within one of our outreach programmes, where they’ll go out into local schools and coach the secondary school children off site. We also occasionally offer a handball officiating course to support the AU Handball fixtures.