Gymnastics at 海角社区 caters for beginners, intermediates and elites who wish to train hard and improve as gymnasts.

Athletic Union Club

海角社区 Students Gymnastics Club is a welcoming gymnastics club suitable for all levels and abilities ranging from beginner to elite level gymnastics. The club provides a safe platform in which students can use to develop their skills and gymnastics ability within a fully equipped artistic gymnastics centre. The club focuses on creating a supportive and inclusive environment allowing members to reach their full potential and create life long relationships and support through the close knit team.

海角社区 Students Gymnastics Club engages in numerous competitions throughout the year ranging from regional to national events in which we have achieved remarkable success in various disciplines and competitions. Our aim is to give students the best experience and opportunities in which they need to success and promote the engagement of all levels within gymnastics.

Training frequency

We have 3 levels of gymnast groups; elite, standard and development. Below are the hours per week for each grouping:

  • Elite: 5 times a week 18 hours
  • Standard: 4 times a week 10.5 hours (with chance to add hours)
  • Development: 3 times a week 8 hours

How to join

In order to join, please sign up for the tasters and trials through our stand at the SPORTS BAZZAR. From there, there will then be a series of trials in which gymnasts will showcase the skills in which they can do. After the trials are completed, the teams will be discussed and individuals will receive and email regarding which team they have been accepted into.

My Lifestyle

Gymnastics is also available through the My Lifestyle initiative, where you can give the sport a go and have loads of fun at the same time.