Warden Team

Within every hall there is a dedicated warden team that are responsible for providing any pastoral or welfare support that you may need, as well as being responsible for discipline in halls.

The warden team consists of the hall warden who is a full-time member of staff at the University and a group of sub wardens who are PhD students studying at the University.

How can the University Support you?

Sub wardens will be on a duty rota and are available 24/7 by calling the duty phone (make sure you save the duty phone number in your phone contacts) this can be for: 

    • Getting locked out of you room 
    • Noise complaints 
    • Any important issues such as medical support or security issues in halls 

The warden themselves is responsible for: 

    • Accommodation issues 
    • Academic queries 
    • Allocating rooms 
    • Homesickness 
    • Loneliness 
    • Overlookingthe hall committee 
    • Difficulties settling in 
    • Mental health difficulties 
    • Any other general inquiries 

What to do next?

Warden Introduction on Social Media

You might be introduced to your hall warden team on social media before moving in. Otherwise, you will meet the warden team during move in day.

Attend Warden Briefing

The warden team will also have a hall warden briefing on move in day or during freshers. It is essential that you attend this briefing as you will find out a lot more about the warden team and the hall itself. 

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Last Updated: 13th September 2022