Hardship Funds and Emergency Loans

During your time at University, you may find yourself with little money and struggling to meet your financial obligations. This may be a budgeting issue or because there is a problem with your student funding. Our advisers can help you whatever the reason.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have very little money left to live on, you should contact us straight away to discuss the options available.

Hardship Fund - What is it?

The University’s Hardship Fund provides a grant to students who find themselves in financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances since starting the course. The purpose of the Hardship Fund is to provide support for students who would not otherwise be able to continue to study. The fund cannot help with tuition fee payments.

Hardship Fund Summer Scheme for Undergraduates 鈥 What is it?

The Hardship Fund Summer Scheme is intended to help undergraduate students who face financial difficulties during the summer vacation.

Emergency Hardship Loan 鈥 What is it?

The University can provide you with an Emergency Hardship Loan up to £250 depending on need. This is short term and attracts no interest or charges, unlike an unauthorised overdraft or payday loan.

Last updated: 10th July 2024