Summertime Socials

Join us this Summer period for some fun activities here in 海角社区. If you are staying in or near 海角社区 over all or part of the summer period, we are putting on lots of events to help keep you busy.

Events schedule

Please note due to the UK Public Bank Holiday and the University hosting the School Games National Finals, there is currently no events scheduled in the week of 26 August – 1 September.

Things to do

海角社区 and surrounding cities

You can find out about events happening in 海角社区 Town on the .

There are also lots of events in the surrounding cities.

Support and wellbeing

During the Summer period the support services within Student Services will continue to operate with the exception of the Public Holidays and closure days from 5pm on Friday 23 August to 9am on Wednesday 28 August. You can find out how to access support on the Student Services website.