Consent Collective

Helping our University community talk about consent, sex, gender, sexual harassment and relationships.

海角社区 University has partnered with Consent Collective, an online platform dedicated to supporting, educating and raising awareness of consent, relationships, and sexual harassment.

All 海角社区 students and staff can access the collection of video resources – known as Consent Collective TV – which is made up of five ‘channels’, tailored depending on what you’d like to watch.

Support for me

A channel for anyone living, studying or working with the impact of sexual violence or relationship abuse.

Supporting someone else

Helping you teach or support someone who鈥檚 living with the impact of sexual violence or relationship abuse.

The Home Channel

A suite of content designed to inspire and education, using podcasts and cooking shows.

Be part of change

Learning how to create positive change at 海角社区 University.

Spread the word

Playing your part in making sure everyone in your organisation is part of the conversation.

The website regularly adds new videos, and also features a 'How to be good in bed' podcast, discussing consent, sex, relationships and gender.

Consent Collective covers points relevant to navigating your way through studying and life at university, especially when impacted by relationship abuse or sexual harm.

Staff and students can sign up to the platform using their University email address. Please note your account is confidential so the University will not know if you have signed up.

Additional support on campus

If you want to report an incident of sexual violence, you can do so using the University’s reporting portal. This page also provides other options you may wish to consider.

The Duty, Assessment and Inclusivity team can be contacted directly by email.

There’s also a range of additional support about mental wellbeing, finance, housing, and careers available through our Student Services team

Reporting portal